Thursday, 30 January 2014

December 2k13

This year is on the verge of its end, but when i look back, trying to remember anything special or anything outstanding that occurred to me, i am blank, speechless... nothing as such. just a confused vision is all i see.
with every single minute, hour, day, month.. .. passing by, a regret.. i grief.. because i am hereby wasting the precious time that god has given me.. i am tired of just looking at people!! looking from my balcony, my window, my car, my school bus.. i no more wish to be an observer.
I feel there is life in me. Life in the sense- freshness, love, happiness, joy.. I just want this life to come out. I feel my every move is controlled. Controlled with a stick of consciousness, shyness, awkwardness.
i don't know what creature was i in my last birth- perhaps a free bird.

for me freedom is not partying late night or doing something fishy. Freedom to me is doing something which my heart calls for. I want to listen to my heart.

                                                               ---ARKODYUTI SAHA

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