Sunday, 18 August 2013

What a beautiful World it is...

                                                 What a beautiful World it is...

The world-the Universe is full of beauty. The beauty of the land as well as the water has no
limitations. Beauty is hard to define but easy to recognize. Natural beauty may be discerned in
all things even in the most unexpected regions of the world. There is beauty in the variety of
flowers, birds, animals and plants many of which are vividly colorful. Thus beauty is found in all
creations of God. The natural beauty like the boundless oceans of the world, the blue water of
the sea, the blue sky, the living creatures in the sea water, the sun, the stars, the moon in the
sky are charming, beautiful and praiseworthy. The roaring waves of the sea attract people
sitting in the sea shore. The beauty of the hills, the lakes, the rivers, forests are also charming.
The vast forests are the places of residence of thousands of beasts and birds. The fisherman who
turns the sea for his livelihood is fascinated by the beauty of the multitudinous creatures that
swarm in the seas. But the ocean conceals the beauty of the world that lies below the surface,
and to catch a glimpse of the beauty, thousands of people across the world dive in to explore
the world under water. The scenic beauty of the land where the best creation of God lives is-
Man who made this world more charming by his innovative ideas. The hunter who scans the
forests for his quarry is often fascinated by the beauty that he finds in objects, which conceal
beautiful flowers from human sights. Suddenly reseal their secrets to him when he stumbles
over them. The precious mineral inside the earth surface is the gift of nature but it is utilized by
Man using his ideas and brain. Of all the precious materials of the world the Human Being and
other living creatures are the best of all. The rapid superficial science and technology are also
going to climax by the active cultivation of brains by the human beings. Though the culture of
different races and communities are different yet each and every communities have some
qualities to achieve the goal. Thus it can be easily said that the world is really a beautiful garden
and can be compared with the Paradise...



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